I try projects, I wind up with spare parts. A whole pile of 'em. If you buy 'em, I can start another project!
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If there's something in particular that you'd like to see, email me and I'll send you a picture.

PTO, winch, driveshaft and mount. The PTO is one of the ones with the front and rear exit drives.

D18 xfer case with twin sticks

Late model CJ Windshield frame (wipers on bottom) has motor and linkages, no glass.  I also have wiper arms and blades.

Gas tank out of a '70 Commando. Filler hose and new sender included with the new tank.

'60 CJ5 Passenger Seat: decent condition- need to be reupolstered.

New in the box ignition switch

Two new wheel well pads (gunmetal blue)

New saddle bags (black)

Two new spicer u joints for the front driveshaft.

CJ5 fender flare kit